The institution has played a key role in Hungarian pre-school education since 1899. The building, which belonged to “The Redeemer” congregation of nuns, housed secondary level pre-school and primary education from the 1899/1900 academic year till its secularization. The impressive main building, which serves as the present campus of the faculty, was built in 1927 by the Ministry of Education. Starting in September 1959, the Institution for Kindergarten Teachers provided higher education courses for students. Since the 1989/90 academic year, students have been trained on the basis of the new six-term college curriculum. Since the 1990’s social education courses are also provided. In 1992 the college was named after Elek Benedek, the famous Hungarian publicist and story writer. The faculty is not only the best-known but also the most respected institution with long traditions in pre-school education in Hungary. The skills and knowledge of graduating students are accepted and highly regarded nationwide. The faculty’s professional education for infant and child care is very popular, and courses start with the highest number of first year students in Hungary.


Courses offered for Hungarian students

BA courses

• Kindergarten Teachers (working with children aged 3-6)

• Social Educators

• Teachers of Ethnic German Kindergartens

• Infant and Early Childhood Educators ( working with children aged 0-3)

• Vocational School Teachers

• Social Sciences Experts


MA courses

• Teacher of Agricultural Engineering

• Teachor of Economics

• Teacher of Engineering

• Human Resource Consultant

• Educational Sciences


PhD Program

• Environmental and Sustainability Education