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Incoming Students - General Information


1. General information

Name of the University: University of Sopron

Name of the Faculty: Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy

Address: Ferenczy J. u. 5. H-9400 Sopron, Hungary

Erasmus Code: HU SOPRON01


2. Contact information

Erasmus+ Academic Coordinator at the Faculty:  RÉKA KISSNÉ ZSÁMBOKI, PhD. - Vice Dean

Address: Ferenczy J. u. 5. H-9400 Sopron, Hungary

Phone: +36 99 518 930

Email: kissne.zsamboki.reka@uni-sopron.hu


Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Faculty:  TAMÁS NÉMETH

Address: Ferenczy J. u. 5. H-9400 Sopron, Hungary

Phone: +36 99 518 946

Email: nemeth.tamas@uni-sopron.hu


3. About Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy

About Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy


4. List of Erasmus+ Partners

List of Erasmus+ Partners


5. Erasmus+ Keydata Information Sheet

Erasmus+ KEYDATA Information Sheet


6. Grade System

Hungarian Grade (five-point scale) ECTS Grade system
Grade Definition ECTS Grade Definition
Jeles (5)

Excellent, Very good (outstanding with minor errors)

A Excellent (outstanding performance with only minor errors)
B Very Good (above the average standard but with sume errors)
Jó (4) Good (generally sound work with a number of notable errors) C Good (generally sound work with a number of notable errors)
Közepes (3) Satisfactory, Acceptable (fair but with significant shortcomings) D Satisfactory (fair but with significant shortcomings)
Elégséges (2) Pass (performance meets the minimum criteria) E Sufficent (performance meets the minimum criteria)
Elégtelen (1) Fail (further work is required) F Fail (further work is required)

7. Academic Calendar

7.1. 2024/25 Fall Semester

Event Date

Registration week
(only for Hungarian students)

26 August - 7 September
First day of termtime 2 September

Orientation week for Erasmus
and International students

2 September - 6 September

Welcome Event for Erasmus
and International students


Semester Opening Ceremony

3 September (may vary)
Last day of termtime 7 December
Examination Period 9 December - 25 January

7.2. 2023/24 Spring Semester

Event Date

Registration week
(compulsory for Hungarian students only)

1 February - 10 February
First day of termtime 12 February
Last day of termtime 18 May
Examination Period 21 May - 29 June

8. Accommodation

Accommodation in the student hostel

Accommodation fee: 700 EUR / person / semester

Deposit: 140 EUR

The fees must be paid before arrival by wire transfer.

Internet access is included.


More information:

László Bali

director of the student hostel

+ 36 99 518 215


9. Application Process - To Do List

9.1. Before the application

Before applying an Erasmus student application to University of Sopron, Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy, first please check with your home University's Erasmus coordinator, whether your University has an Erasmus bilateral agreement with us.

Your nomination has to be officially emailed (by your Erasmus Coordinator) to the following address:

nemeth.tamas@uni-sopron.hu addressed to the Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty: Tamás Németh

Deadlines for nomination:

  • 1 May for the fall semester or full academic year
  • 1 November for the spring semester

Nomination needs the following data:

  • name and surname
  • field of study
  • year of study
  • period of stay (fall semester, spring semester, full academic year)
  • email address
  • purpose of the mobility: study or traineeship

9.2. Before arrival

After a successful nomination the following forms need to be filled and sent:

Course cataloge - Autumn semester

Course cataloge - Spring semester

Please note that the general language of the Faculty is Hungarian. Lectures and exams can be provided in English, English level B2 is required.

After filling the online application form, you will receive a confirmation PDF with all the fields. Please check all fields and when the data are correct, please, send the PDF to:

Tamás Németh

Erasmus Coordinator


Deadlines for application:

  • 31 May for the fall semester or full academic year
  • 30 November for the spring semester

We shall approve the Student Application Form and Learning Agreement and send them back to your university together with the Letter of Acceptance.

9.3. After arrival

Check-in at the Erasmus Office for Arrival Certificate.

9.4. Before leaving

Please fill the Library Service Certificate and get it signed and stamped at the library. Hand in to the Erasmus Coordinator.

The Transcript of Records can be released only after that.

10. Course Catalogue - Fall Semester

11. Course Catalogue - Spring Semester

12. Practical Information

About Sopron
Sopron Forest Park
Users Guide to Hungary
What documents are needed at the immigration office (official version)

What documents are needed at the immigration office (based on incoming students' experience):

  • Certificate of stay (signed by the vice director of the student dormitory)
  • Certificate of student's status (signed by the department of education)
  • Passport
  • 1 piece of passport size photo
  • Filled form given by the immigration office
Cikk nyomtatása E-mail

Kapcsolódó elérhetőségek

Kissné Dr. Zsámboki Réka
dékánhelyettes, egyetemi docens
(+36 99) 518-930
Benedek Elek Pedagógiai Kar
Németh Tamás
külügyi koordinátor
(+36 99) 518-946
Benedek Elek Pedagógiai Kar